May 13

I’m Back! What a ride!

Greetings to all!

After a wild couple of months of coin shows, I’m getting back on track with my blog postings. Just finishing up a GREAT show in Denver.

This show is best described as a constant flow of attendees who were VERY sophisticated in their wants and desires of collecting.

I seriously in 4 days could NOT get away from my table to buy, meet with other dealers, etc. It was GREAT!!!!!

I bought MANY nice coins and about half of those wont leave with me as many were committed to from collectors and other dealers. For example, I bought a beautiful 1828 Capped Bust half only to trade it away within 20 minutes. Many returning customers whom I met in Colorado Springs last June sought out Original US Coins, looking for more of the same, original, gorgeous, collector coins that TRADE for WAY ABOVE bid.

I bought my second complete set of Mercury dimes in a month and half of those will be gone by the Las Vegas show next week.

Folks, the market is heating up, and if you did NOT hear me this last year, hear me now, NOW IS THE TIME TO get in.

OK, look for more details this week, but as usual, call anytime with questions or if your interested in some great new coins!

Signing off!  Mr. Original, Michael Greenwood (206) 931-4639!