May 17

Vegas Baby!


Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada. Back from the Denver show where sales were brisk and buying was intense. 2 Hours into dealer set up I handled 3 dealer calls from other shows and sold 8-10 key Barber and one nice 3 dollar gold.

Bought a stunning 37-D 3 Legged with intense color and raw. Likely grades 55-58, but what’s important here is the amazing album toning that makes this a monster. Its sold too.

Just bought a nice 1896-s Barber dime in AU58 CAC. The only CAC for the date in 58, NGC or PCGS.

Gold has continued its slide, and while many are concerned, its not concerning to me at all. I SAY ITS A BUY opp!

Remember, 19/20 buy when prices rise, be the 1/20 who knows how to buy right!

BUY GOLD! Hey for that matter, BUY SILVER!!!!!

Rumors were flying about the “Gray Sheet” being put up for sale. What does this mean? Well, I for one think someone who can truly monitor the coin market and make updated real pricing is in ORDER.  AMOS should remember the old rock star saying: ITS BETTER TO BURN OUT, THAN FADE AWAY! in other words, get out if your not going to give it your all!

I bought a monster DMPL NGC 65 1879-s Morgan. beautiful!  OK, come on down to the Westgate this weekend and be sure and say hello!

The Best!  Michael Greenwood  (206) 931-4639