May 18

Las Vegas Day 2 Report

May 18, 2018

Greetings Original US Coins followers! Its nice to be at another great coin show!

But first things first. In honor of our search and rescuers and also first responders, Id like to remind readers that on this day 1980, Mt St Helens erupted early in the morning and changed the Pacific Northwest Forever. Even with months of warning, many local residents perished that day.

One miracle of God occurred when the following fall, the major salmon run was delayed because of horrific river conditions. After nearly 30 days, one morning the entire run headed up the Coast and travelled up river B and spawned. Of even more amazement, those same returning baby salmon did not return to spawn in River B, but rather back up the Toutle, where they spawned and the run continues to this day.

I’m no scientist, but I believe that all that DNA knowledge occurred over millions of years and those baby salmon what to do. We a humans are a bit full of ourselves to think we could outwit Mother Nature or Planet Ear th.

Plant a tree and quit whining!

OK COINS!!!!!!This show on Day 1 was amazing. I bought many new items and sold many too. REAL collectors attend this show. Sold a Gem 14-D Barber dime in PCAC 66+ and superb. Bought and sold 20-30 dollars from Raw to Gem and everywhere in between. I sold 4 2.5 Indians and expect to sell more gold today.

The rare coin market is in FULL GEAR and I am blessed to be a part of it! Come on down if you have time-and be sure and say hello!

Michael Greenwood

Original US Coins

Enumclaw WA/Casa Grande AZ

(206) 931-4639