May 21

Las Vegas Coin Show Report


Greetings OUSCC Bloggers!

Just back from a successful show in Las Vegas. Dawn and Frank from CK Shows have done a nice job rebuilding this show after years of neglect! Good Job Dawn!

I found myself VERY busy from the minute I landed at the Westgate Resort until I left Saturday night. Its becoming the new normal to be either the last dealer to pack up or darn near every time !

I had people at my table buying small items from the bargain bin or wanting to make purchases from the finer part of my inventory. Dustin Cundiff and I worked hard, buying, answering questions and being a part of the action.

Outside of an alarm going off in the hotel at 3AM, it was really a great 4 days! I purchased DOZENS of coins and likely would have bought more if I could have gotten away my table.

I met a wonderful man named Charlie who brought in coins and currency for me to review. Bought some great dollars: 1886-s, 1890-O, 1902-s to name a few.

.Folks the coin market is heating up, ARE YOU IN???

Thanks! Michael  (206) 931-4639