May 30

A “break”…….for now!


Well, the month of May is almost in the books and here comes June. Such a busy time beginning next week when I head to Long Beach, CA. I will be sharing a table with JMS Coins, James Sego.

James is such an icon in the business. I look forward to getting to know James, learn from him and share our coin biz war stories. Then a week later, I’m off to Colorado Springs, which was so good last year. Cant wait!  And I am staying over one day to trout fish with my new (good) friend Uli.  FISH ON!!!!!

Business has been very good. I have purchased records amounts of coins and other collectibles in the last 60 days. All amazing stuff and its been fun!

I’m now meeting with Beau Hickory and his awesome side kick (way better half) in Tinnell.  Beau and Tinnell have significant Buffalo Bill memorabilia including his rifle. I plan to assist in coordinating the sale of these items-for no fee. This stuff is important enough that I don’t care about the $, I care that it gets a new home-and Beau and Tinnell get some much needed $.

If your planning to attend Long Beach-or Colorado Springs, please come by my table and say hello!  The Best, Michael Greenwood!!!!  originaluscoins@earthlink.net  (206) 931-4639