Jul 29

Summer heat in coins!


Greetings Original US Coins customers and welcome to the end days of July, 2018. I’ve enjoying some much needed time away from coins while enjoying summer fun!

Attended the Long Beach and Colorado Spring shows in June and now walking the floor in Pasadena, CA. The coin market is alive and well, with a major focus on original, collector coins that are truly scarce.

Still, even with that knowledge, I still am approached to buy commercially rare coins and stuff that is almost always over valued, undesirable and I PAY usually about 40 cents on the dollar.

An example of the contrary is when a customer approached me in Colorado Springs with a Barber quarter he bought from me last year. He paid me $385.00 for the coin in 2017. He sold me the coin back for 390.00. It was raw when he bought it, had it certified in the meantime, and I just sold that coin for $415.00. The coin was choice original, never cleaned and a tougher date. Nice original, eye appealing coins are scarce and usually hold their value. You have heard me lament about this forever. 1881-s Morgan’s are NOT RARE. 1896-s Barber dimes ARE SCARCE. Buy coins with a fundamental reason to increase in value. Avoid commercially rare coins

Have a great day!!!

Michael Greenwood  Original US Coins  (206) 931-4639