1955/1955 DDO AU58 RB Uncertified

The key error variety of the Lincoln cent

1922 NO D Lincoln Cent F/VF Superb Original Uncertified example

1906 Barber Dime PCGS MS66+ CAC

A great rarity in MS66 or better

1911 Barber Dime PCGS MS66+ CAC

uncommonly beautiful for a “common date”

1908-O Barber Dime PCGS MS66+ CAC

Stunning & Rare!

1914-D PCGS MS64 CAC Barber Quarter

Joyful colors of burnet orange, green and gold, Lovely!

1900 PCGS AU58 Quarter -Dirt Gray Original-

Yellows and blues dominate!

1894-O PCGS MS62 Barber Quarter

Gem for the grade

1909 Barber Half Dollar PCGS AU58 CAC

Nice, Old School Silver Toning

1911 Barber Half Dollar PCGS AU58

Smooth AU58!

1905-S Barber Half Dollar PCGS AU58 CAC

The ONLY 1905-s AU58 CAC Barber Half Known POP 1

1912 Barber Half Dollar PCGS AU58 CAC

1723 11g Stolberg-Stolberg

24 Mariengrasher

1741 2/3 Thaler Brunswick Wolfenbutel Original AU+

124 MG Rotated reverse

1780 Wildman CES 24 Mariengroschen

Choice UNC Karl I Brunswick-Wolfenbuttell

1631 4 Albus mit Titulatur Kaisier Ferdinand II NOSS 345

Koln, Stadt Cologne Germany

1903 Philippines Proof Set

Totally Original and quite scarce Gene Henry Collection.

1805 Draped Bust Half Dollar F/VF Raw

1806 Mo TH PCGS VF Original


1878-S Trade Dollar ANACS (OWH) MS63


1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66 CAC OGH


1883-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63 CAC (Reverse side up)


1885 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65 CAC


1906 Philippines Proof set (4 coin set) Gene Henry Collection