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Our Story

Welcome!  My name is Michael Greenwood, purveyor of fine – and owner of Original U.S. Coins & Collectibles (.com) and I have collected all sorts of amazing coins since I was four years old when my dad gave me a box of some cool coins – nothing rare or outrageous, but all intriguing and very interesting!  In that lot, I found buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, wheat back pennies and some foreign coins too!  The moment that box of coins changed hands, it changed my life and set the course for my future as a coin collector and quickly became my favorite past time.

My collecting was augmented over the years with serious purchases of all types of 20th Century series, the finest (yes, the finest) known mercury dime collection (I don’t do registry, but it’s OK if you do!) becoming a connoisseur of knowledge of the barber and mercury dime series.

I’m also a serious metal detectorist and have supplemented my collection with great coin finds afield.  Glad to chat about that anytime you want!  But back to Original U.S. Coins 🙂

Just as the name suggests, we are BIG on originality, eye appeal and value.  Not every dealer is, but since I am a collector first, I understand what’s important to a serious coin collector.  Here is one way to describe this vision:  The coin market (values), like most markets, are subject to the economy, the dollar, interests, and other supply and demand factors.  BUT there is one common trait in ALL markets: VALUE is hard to see in a hot market; and it’s clear as day and easy to see when the market is off or cold.  Why?  Well, think of a hot real estate market.  When the supply does not meet demand (not enough houses) people go crazy on price.  Every house is worth more! And people want them, even if the house needs repairs and the lawn is overgrown and a window is broken.  BUT when the housing market is slow (too many houses) price stabilize because there are plenty of houses to choose from, their windows are perfect, every blade of grass is in place and not even the door handles show wear.  They have to be, or the customers will buy the house down the street first!

Why do I tell you all that?  Because in a hot COIN market, you can pay too much for a COIN, and in a cold market, you’ll pass on a GREAT COIN because its not in fashion!  In essence, in both coins-and real estate, 19 out of 20 people buy at the wrong time.  Be the 1 in 20 collectors that buys right-and if selling is your goal, sell right.  If you are simply a collector, then buy right for your collection!

Let us help you buy the right coins-and see the value in all your purchases. 


To respectfully inspire through transparent information, educate and inform new and long-time coin collectors about our history, our coinage and art in a way that allows everyone, regardless of their income, a place as a coin collector or investor to find and secure value in all their buy/sell decisions.


Fifty years from now, a coin sold by Original U.S. Coins maintains value, originality and appeal and that the person who made the purchase remembers their customer experience as one of trust, integrity and confidence.


I won't EVER sell you a coin I would not have in my own personal coin collection.

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