Learn About Coin Values

Coin Values

Two 3rd party grading organizations provide valuation and pricing guidelines for U.S. coins, tokens and medals.

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) offers the average dealer asking price on PCGS-graded coins HERE.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® offers the average dealer asking price on NGC® graded coins HERE.

There are a handful of factors that go into valuation and pricing of coins.


The first consideration in coin values is the supply of that particular coin determined by it’s initial mintage during the stamped year. At the end of each year, when production is completed, the supply for that date is fixed.

Surviving Population

Once minted, coins enter circulation and over time the supply is reduced by damage, melting or simply being lost. The remaining supply is called Surviving Population.


Demand is volatile and very subjective to the individual collector. Some coin enthusiasts lean toward a certain year coin, others have an affinity to era’s of coins, while other’s still focus on denomination. As demand increases for an individual coin, so does it’s price and value.

Melt Value

Whatever precious metal the coin is made of, like gold, silver, platinum, the intrinsic value of the metal can determine price and value of a coin. If the base metal value exceeds the face value, people will melt them to sell the metal.


Uncirculated is considered the finest condition possible. If uncirculated coins are rare, then that drives the value up. If a particular coin has a large supply of uncirculated coins, then they will be less expensive because there is more supply.

The best way to find the value for your coins is to consult a dealer or collector who has experience in the field. They will often know the history or circumstanced surrounding your coin and can help you with determining the value.


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