How to Store Coins


Coin storage is necessary to help preserve your valuables from damage like corrosion, fingerprints, spotting from airborne moisture and dark toning. Copper and Silver are the most delicate and reactive to the elements while Gold, platinum and palladium are very slow to react.

The ideal environment for storing your collection is a place where the temperature is cool and won’t vary during the day. Avoid direct sunlight and heat fluctuations for optimal preservation.

Storage includes protecting each individual coin and the entire collection. Here are the standard types of individual coin storage.

The variety of storage for individual coins:

2×2 cardboard flips that you staple closed

2×2 soft plastic flips

2×2 hard plastic snaps

Small, round hard plastic capsule case

Hard plastic, sealed coin slabs

Plastic pocket page

Cardboard folders

Once the individual coin is protected and secure, groups of coins can be organized and stored. These include boxes or cases with vertical dividers, bins with horizontal trays, display cases or albums.

Boxes or cases with vertical dividers

This type of storage saves space and can keep more coins in a single place but you can’t easily see each piece without lifting it out of the box.

Bins with horizontal trays

These provide a great way to display your coin collection as they lay flat and can be viewed by pulling the tray out. This type of storage holds fewer individual coins but you are able to easily view them.

Display cases

Designed to display your coins to the world, display cases are nice when you want to have specific coins always viewable. These can hang on a wall or set on a shelf for everyone’s enjoyment.

Folders and Albums

Folders are cardboard holders with predesigned holes for your coins to slide into. Albums are binders that hold plastic pocket pages that coins slide into.




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