How To Buy Coins

How to Buy Coins

Where coin collecting is a rewarding hobby, it also allows us to interact with the history of civilizations. Coins aren’t merely currency used for the trading purpose; they also define what civilizations held culturally significant.

However, coin collecting comes with a few challenges. From distinguishing the cheap coins from the rare ones to buying the coins, several intricacies go into perfecting your coin collection.

Knowing from where to buy the coins can make a huge difference in your coin collection. Before making your purchase, make sure that you are buying from a reliable source and at competitive price-points.

Local Coin Shop

Most local shops offer a wide assortment of coins at reasonable prices. Most of the shopkeepers are ardent coin collectors themselves and can help you evaluate the value and rarity of the coins.  Moreover, you get an opportunity to know other sellers and find more resources for updating your collection. However, if you purchase coins from dealers, you be charged 20% more than local coin sellers.

Auctions and Expos

Auctions and expos are other great places for buying coins. These auctions serve as a platform where you can avail of the most valuable coins and collectibles. However, most auctions do not take place at the local level, and you might have to search for the next auction.

Coin Club

Join a coin club to stay updated on the upcoming events and gaining more knowledge about coins and collectibles. You may also find people who are willing to sell their coins at reasonable prices.

National Mint

You can also order commemorative, and specialty coins directly from the mint. You may have to pay a higher price than face coin’s value, but you will be assured of the authenticity and quality. Moreover, mints also allow you to buy proof and uncirculated coins.



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