Coin Knowledge

Coin Knowledge

Coin collection is a rewarding hobby, especially when you have a handful of precious coins. However, collecting coins is much more than merely purchasing and storing them. You need to have ample knowledge about coins for buying and selling coins at the best value.

Common Coins Terms

Below is the list of the common coin terms that every coin collector must know:

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / Fleur de Coin (FDC)

Fleur de Coins describes the coins that are perfect in appearance and maintains a pristine state of preservation. These coins have a luster and display no marks or signs of wear.

However, no coin, whether in circulation or not, maintain the utmost perfection. Under careful magnification, all coins show slight wear and marks. Grading of valuable uncirculated coins has been upgraded to precisely reflect the measure of wear and marks.

Choice Uncirculated (CHU)

Choice Uncirculated describes the coins that show minor imperfections. These imperfections may be wearing of design that can be confused with the damage. Choice Uncirculated coins have a moderate luster and maintain a pleasing appeal.

Good Extremely Fine or Good extra Fine (gEF or gXF) 

Coins labeled as gEF has visible wear but maintain most of the details. These coins reflect natural mint luster and have eye-pleasing appeal to them.

Extremely Fine or Extra Fine (EF or XF)

Coins labeled as EF shows wear and marks on the high points of design. The coins have impairment limited to the high points of the coins and maintain a natural mint luster.

Almost Extremely FIen or Almost Extra Fine (aEF or aXF)

Coins labeled as aEF shows significant signs of wear. When observed under careful magnification, these coins show damage across the high points of design. Detracting marks and edge nicks are commonly found on such coins.

Good Very Fine (gVF)

Coins labeled as gVF show signs of wear even to the small details. Such coins have detracting marks and retain some mint luster.





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