Thank you for visiting Original U.S. Coins and Collectibles website.  We are unlike any other coin site you will find on the internet:  we are different. You will see that every time you visit. Our culture, our vision and our purpose will define what we are all about, but most importantly, our products and the way you are treated as a customer will say it all. Come back often to see our New Inventory Items and if you see anything you like, please call me and we can discuss your coin needs!

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Just as our name suggests, we are BIG on originality, eye appeal and value.  Not every dealer is, but since I am a collector first, I understand what’s important to a serious coin collector.  In the description of each item, I have included my EYE APPEAL RATING to give you a quantitive way to judge the beauty of each piece.

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To respectfully inspire through transparent information, educate and inform new and long-time coin collectors about our history, our coinage and art in a way that allows everyone, regardless of their income, a place as a coin collector or investor, to find and secure value in all their coin buy/sell decisions.


Fifty years from now, a coin sold by Original U.S. Coins maintains value, originality and appeal and that the person who made the purchase remembers their customer experience as one of trust, integrity and confidence.


I won’t EVER sell you a coin I would not have in my own personal collection.

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