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Thank you for visiting the Original U.S. Coins & Collectibles website!   We are unlike any other coin site you will find on the Internet;  we are different.  You will see that every time you visit.  Our culture, our vision and our purpose will define what we are all about, but most importantly, our products-and the way you are treated as a customer, will say it all.    Come back often to see our updated listings and of course – if you see anything you like – please call me and I would love to speak with you about your coin wants and needs!


To respectfully inspire through transparent information, educate and inform new-and long time coin collectors about our history, our coinage and art in a way that allows everyone, regardless of their income, a “place” as a coin collector or investor, to find and secure “value” in all their coin buy/sell decisions.


50 years from now, a coin sold by Original U.S. Coins, maintains value, originality and appeal and that the person who made that purchase remembers their customer experience as one of trust, integrity-and confidence.

Personal Guarantee

I won’t EVER sell you a coin I would not have in my own personal coin collection.

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