Back to School and Other Things!

Maybe you are getting back to school, getting others back to school or looking to get back to something yourself – like coin collecting! I’ve been out of school for many years, but I’ve never stopped collecting coins!  I learn something new everyday in this business.  There is a lot of history around coin collecting, which I greatly enjoy, as well as new things to learn about new releases from the Mint, error coins, CAC grading changes, What’s Hot and What’s Not and so much more. 

Instead of school clothes shopping or ordering textbooks, I’ve been busy buying

coins and currency to support our online store and auctions. If you’d like to participate in our auctions, with items closing daily, please click on “auctions” on the home page or on the link below, register to bid and good luck!  Also, check out our Store, by clicking on the BUY NOW tab at the top of the website. We are offering FREE SHIPPING on any items purchased through our website store.  We have many great buys through our auctions and in our store and always provide excellent customer service!

If “Back to School” season is giving you the urge to start collecting, to dust off your collection or to add to the collection you’ve been working on, we are here to help.  Check out our Blog on interesting topics or browse through our auctions or store.

If you aren’t buying but are selling, I’M ALWAYS BUYING, so if you have coins to offer me, please contact me at (206) 931-4639. Text works great, or if you prefer, call me directly. If it’s one item or 10,000 items, I will make you an offer. If need be, I will travel to you!

Again, I hope you enjoy the change of seasons and never stop learning!