April 15th – Tax Day!!

OUSCC just attended the PNNA Spring Convention the last 3 days in Tukwila, Washington. This show was steady solid with about 1,000 folks through the doors.

Buyers and sellers are timid as the world news seems to be keeping people edgy. Me too, except I’m buying like crazy.

Any really solid coins, currency and bullion at fair prices – I’m buying it. Now is the time folks.

I predicted $30 silver by summer and I’d say that’s gonna happen this week.

$2500 gold by June. We almost got there Friday. Hold on for this ride, it’s a thriller.

I met the guy with the 5th nicest PCGS Morgan dollar registry set yesterday. I bought 2 of his replaced dollars. Nice.

If I’d bought the box of 20 he had, it would have cost 220k. I was tempted. Stunning coins.

I’ve got multiple buys set up over the next 2 weeks. Good times.

Be safe out there.