Jul 29

Summer heat in coins!


Greetings Original US Coins customers and welcome to the end days of July, 2018. I’ve enjoying some much needed time away from coins while enjoying summer fun!

Attended the Long Beach and Colorado Spring shows in June and now walking the floor in Pasadena, CA. The coin market is alive and well, with a major focus on original, collector coins that are truly scarce.

Still, even with that knowledge, I still am approached to buy commercially rare coins and stuff that is almost always over valued, undesirable and I PAY usually about 40 cents on the dollar.

An example of the contrary is when a customer approached me in Colorado Springs with a Barber quarter he bought from me last year. He paid me $385.00 for the coin in 2017. He sold me the coin back for 390.00. It was raw when he bought it, had it certified in the meantime, and I just sold that coin for $415.00. The coin was choice original, never cleaned and a tougher date. Nice original, eye appealing coins are scarce and usually hold their value. You have heard me lament about this forever. 1881-s Morgan’s are NOT RARE. 1896-s Barber dimes ARE SCARCE. Buy coins with a fundamental reason to increase in value. Avoid commercially rare coins

Have a great day!!!

Michael Greenwood  Original US Coins  (206) 931-4639




May 30

A “break”…….for now!


Well, the month of May is almost in the books and here comes June. Such a busy time beginning next week when I head to Long Beach, CA. I will be sharing a table with JMS Coins, James Sego.

James is such an icon in the business. I look forward to getting to know James, learn from him and share our coin biz war stories. Then a week later, I’m off to Colorado Springs, which was so good last year. Cant wait!  And I am staying over one day to trout fish with my new (good) friend Uli.  FISH ON!!!!!

Business has been very good. I have purchased records amounts of coins and other collectibles in the last 60 days. All amazing stuff and its been fun!

I’m now meeting with Beau Hickory and his awesome side kick (way better half) in Tinnell.  Beau and Tinnell have significant Buffalo Bill memorabilia including his rifle. I plan to assist in coordinating the sale of these items-for no fee. This stuff is important enough that I don’t care about the $, I care that it gets a new home-and Beau and Tinnell get some much needed $.

If your planning to attend Long Beach-or Colorado Springs, please come by my table and say hello!  The Best, Michael Greenwood!!!!  originaluscoins@earthlink.net  (206) 931-4639


May 21

Las Vegas Coin Show Report


Greetings OUSCC Bloggers!

Just back from a successful show in Las Vegas. Dawn and Frank from CK Shows have done a nice job rebuilding this show after years of neglect! Good Job Dawn!

I found myself VERY busy from the minute I landed at the Westgate Resort until I left Saturday night. Its becoming the new normal to be either the last dealer to pack up or darn near every time !

I had people at my table buying small items from the bargain bin or wanting to make purchases from the finer part of my inventory. Dustin Cundiff and I worked hard, buying, answering questions and being a part of the action.

Outside of an alarm going off in the hotel at 3AM, it was really a great 4 days! I purchased DOZENS of coins and likely would have bought more if I could have gotten away my table.

I met a wonderful man named Charlie who brought in coins and currency for me to review. Bought some great dollars: 1886-s, 1890-O, 1902-s to name a few.

.Folks the coin market is heating up, ARE YOU IN???

Thanks! Michael  (206) 931-4639



May 18

Las Vegas Day 2 Report

May 18, 2018

Greetings Original US Coins followers! Its nice to be at another great coin show!

But first things first. In honor of our search and rescuers and also first responders, Id like to remind readers that on this day 1980, Mt St Helens erupted early in the morning and changed the Pacific Northwest Forever. Even with months of warning, many local residents perished that day.

One miracle of God occurred when the following fall, the major salmon run was delayed because of horrific river conditions. After nearly 30 days, one morning the entire run headed up the Coast and travelled up river B and spawned. Of even more amazement, those same returning baby salmon did not return to spawn in River B, but rather back up the Toutle, where they spawned and the run continues to this day.

I’m no scientist, but I believe that all that DNA knowledge occurred over millions of years and those baby salmon what to do. We a humans are a bit full of ourselves to think we could outwit Mother Nature or Planet Ear th.

Plant a tree and quit whining!

OK COINS!!!!!!This show on Day 1 was amazing. I bought many new items and sold many too. REAL collectors attend this show. Sold a Gem 14-D Barber dime in PCAC 66+ and superb. Bought and sold 20-30 dollars from Raw to Gem and everywhere in between. I sold 4 2.5 Indians and expect to sell more gold today.

The rare coin market is in FULL GEAR and I am blessed to be a part of it! Come on down if you have time-and be sure and say hello!

Michael Greenwood

Original US Coins

Enumclaw WA/Casa Grande AZ

(206) 931-4639


May 17

Vegas Baby!


Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada. Back from the Denver show where sales were brisk and buying was intense. 2 Hours into dealer set up I handled 3 dealer calls from other shows and sold 8-10 key Barber and one nice 3 dollar gold.

Bought a stunning 37-D 3 Legged with intense color and raw. Likely grades 55-58, but what’s important here is the amazing album toning that makes this a monster. Its sold too.

Just bought a nice 1896-s Barber dime in AU58 CAC. The only CAC for the date in 58, NGC or PCGS.

Gold has continued its slide, and while many are concerned, its not concerning to me at all. I SAY ITS A BUY opp!

Remember, 19/20 buy when prices rise, be the 1/20 who knows how to buy right!

BUY GOLD! Hey for that matter, BUY SILVER!!!!!

Rumors were flying about the “Gray Sheet” being put up for sale. What does this mean? Well, I for one think someone who can truly monitor the coin market and make updated real pricing is in ORDER.  AMOS should remember the old rock star saying: ITS BETTER TO BURN OUT, THAN FADE AWAY! in other words, get out if your not going to give it your all!

I bought a monster DMPL NGC 65 1879-s Morgan. beautiful!  OK, come on down to the Westgate this weekend and be sure and say hello!

The Best!  Michael Greenwood  (206) 931-4639


May 13

I’m Back! What a ride!

Greetings to all!

After a wild couple of months of coin shows, I’m getting back on track with my blog postings. Just finishing up a GREAT show in Denver.

This show is best described as a constant flow of attendees who were VERY sophisticated in their wants and desires of collecting.

I seriously in 4 days could NOT get away from my table to buy, meet with other dealers, etc. It was GREAT!!!!!

I bought MANY nice coins and about half of those wont leave with me as many were committed to from collectors and other dealers. For example, I bought a beautiful 1828 Capped Bust half only to trade it away within 20 minutes. Many returning customers whom I met in Colorado Springs last June sought out Original US Coins, looking for more of the same, original, gorgeous, collector coins that TRADE for WAY ABOVE bid.

I bought my second complete set of Mercury dimes in a month and half of those will be gone by the Las Vegas show next week.

Folks, the market is heating up, and if you did NOT hear me this last year, hear me now, NOW IS THE TIME TO get in.

OK, look for more details this week, but as usual, call anytime with questions or if your interested in some great new coins!

Signing off!  Mr. Original, Michael Greenwood (206) 931-4639!


Mar 18

Day 2 PNNA Coin Show Report


Happy Day from Original US Coins live from the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA) Coin Show in Tukwila, WA.


The PNNA show s always good, but this year is a wow! kind of show. I have completed 66 transactions this weekend. Both buying and selling. Sold is the 1916-D dime in AU. The 1832 Half Dollar in AU53 gone. Numerous raw and certified coins were purchased and traded during the first 2 days of the show.

I am pleased to announce the acquisition of the very rare 1870-s gold 5 dollar gold piece in EF45. This is a very very rare gold piece and one that I will enjoy putting into my inventory. < than 100 have been seen by PCGS and NO SINGLE coin has been graded above AU58. Now that my friends is what we call a RARE coin. R7 kind of stuff. I will post a pic later today.

If your in Seattle today, Come on down to the PNNA Coin Show, you wont be disappointed!

Bring in any coins you would like to sell, trade or just show off! I like talking coins!!!

Michael Greenwood  Original US Coins!  (206) 931-4639





Mar 15

Off to Seattle!


Greetings Original US Coins Customers!

Well, I am off to Seattle to attend to personal business and set up at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA) coin show in Tukwila, WA 3/16-3/18. This show promises to be one of the best of the year and I am looking forward to the event.

PLEASE stop by and visit my booth-and if you mention this blog post, you will receive a free gift and possibly as much as 10% off selected coins.

The metals markets have been soft- BUT I fully expect that to change as more pressure is being put on “rocket man”-and I do not expect him to respond favorably. He is a tyrant and a murdering brain washer.

I am still heavily committed to both silver and gold-watch for them to be up 15-30% by years end.

Last weekend at the one day Chandler Coin Show, I sold my 1812 Capped Bust half in VF 35 and a few silver dollars. Not big sales to be sure, but collectors were active-and that’s always a good sign.

See ya in Seattle!  Michael Greenwood

(206) 931-4639


Mar 10

PNNA in Tukwila, WA


Greetings Original US Coins followers!

Its time to start preparing for the upcoming show in Tukwila, Washington which runs March 16, 17 & 18 at the Tukwila Community Center. This is arguably the best show in Washington State and its one I have attended either as a collector or as a dealer for 20+ years.

Dealers from all over the country will be in attendance and it draws a significant collector and investor crowd from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California.

Please stop by and say hello if your able to attend this important show in the Seattle area.

Recently added inventory includes the 1879-s Morgan in 67+, a choice 41-D FB Merc in 67+ and a lovely 1906-s Barber dime in MS65. All of these coins are CAC. I always say that John Albanese and I have similar tastes in coins as I love crusty, original pieces with natural color.

OK. Off to get my day started! Hope yours is wonderful! CYA in Tukwila!

Michael Greenwood  Original US Coins  (206) 931-4639

Mar 04

South Bay Coin and Currency Show Gardena, CA


Greetings Original US Coin Bloggers! I am live from Gardena, California where yesterday and today, the South Bay Coin show is being held at The Gardena Elks Club and they have been great to work with and have been wonderful hosts.

This small show of < than 20 dealers was amazingly busy! I sold MANY items including silver and collector coins. I purchased lots of items including:

  1. 2 Ten dollar gold pcs in PCGS MS62;
  2. 1878-s Morgan Dollar (raw) MS63/64;
  3. 1876-CC Half dollar in Fine+;
  4. A multitude of pennies, dimes and nickels;
  5. 7 PCGS 1995-S-1999-S PR70DCAM nickels
  6. Many, many miscellaneous items that will end up on EBAY!

I also have a new superb PCGS MS68FB CAC Mercury Dime. This coin is spectacular. Wonderful colors of teal, blue, crimson, yellow and greens cover both sides and amazing luster bursts though and declares complete originality. Lovely. Here are some pics:

Nice huh? I am very big on 67+FB thru 68 FB CAC color mercs. They are a great value and very tough to find. Well, time to get show ready!

Remember, you can always reach out by phone: (206) 931-4639 or by email at originaluscoins @earthlink.net. Happy Hunting and remember, if it seems right, looks right and acts right, its probably right. It all starts with leadership-or lack thereof;

Michael Greenwood   Original US Coins



Mar 01

New Acquisitions


Greetings and good day from Casa Grande, Arizona! Today, our high temps will be pushing 70 degrees. A nice uptick from some cooler weather the last few weeks. As I was just recently in Seattle, where I was cold to the bone, I quickly recall how nice it is in the Southwest part of the US. But enough of my weather update, lets talk coins!!!

I recently purchased a beautiful 1879-s Morgan Dollar. This coin grades PCGS MS67+ CAC, and I feel this piece has a great shot as MS68. Not that I am planning to crack out this gem, but just having claims to MS68 makes this coin special.

Here are a few pics to wet your gem coin appetite!

This coin generally comes very nice and this one is no exception. I am asking $1,750.00. Please call me on this one as I do not think it will last!

Happy Coin Hunting! Michael Greenwood  (206) 931 4639   Originaluscoins@outlook.com



Feb 27

Trade Dollars and how they connected to drug trade


Here is a quick update with pictures of what we call Opium Trade (box) Dollars. Most collectors know of the extensive use-and purpose- of the Trade Dollar first minted in 1873.

These trade dollars were altered to hide drugs (Opium, cocaine) in a safe, secure pocket sized holder.Both of these are minted in 1877-one from Philadelphia and one from San Francisco.

While most of these were lost or melted, others remain in China and even fewer came to the US. Of those, most went into collections and few, continued to see their use as drug hiding places. One of these as you will see has a picture of a woman (US?) in the 1930s based upon hair style/clothing.

These are scarce and choice.

With Picture: $450.00  No Picture: $ 400.00  Enjoy!

As always, Call me ANYTIME to discuss coins, metal detecting or whatever!

originaluscoins@earthlink.net/ (206) 931-4639/ originaluscoins@outlook.com



Feb 25

I’m Back!!!!!


Greetings Original US Coins Blog followers and customer’s! After a 90 day transition to snow birding in Arizona, I’m back on the blog and back in Seattle this week for some serious coin buying and to catch up with friends,

Don’t think that I have not been bizzy buying and selling coins or attending coin shows, because I have been!

Since my last blog, I have been to Las Vegas twice, Seattle (the Boeing show), Laughlin, NV, several gun shows in Kingman and Casa Grande, and that’s about half of my schedule!!!

So many coins-bought and sold-that I will have to slowly update you in the coming weeks.

So here is a look ahead to upcoming coin shows I will be attending:

  1. March 3/4  South Bay show in Gardena, CA
  2. March 11   Chandler, AZ  1 day show
  3. March 16, 17 & 18  PNNA show in Tukwila, WA
  4. March 24  Fountain Hills Coin Club Show  Fountain Hills, AZ
  5. April 6, 7 & 8 Albuquerque Coin Club show, Albuquerque, NM
  6. April 14/15 Prescott Valley Gun Show, Prescott Valley, AZ
  7. April 20, 21 & 22  Santa Clara Coin Show, Santa Clara, CA

Enough already!  🙂  Man do I LOVE IT!  So fun!

OK, no pics today, but here is a list of the coins I have purchased ON THIS BUY TRIP:

  1. several AU55/AU58 Silver dollars. Got to love em!!!
  2. 2 10 ounce Sunshine Silver bars with SN
  3. 7 total early proof sets in Capital Holders 1940 thru 1942 and 2 6 coin sets of 1942.
  4. MANY civil war tokens 1863 store cards
  5. GOLD!! about a dozen new pieces, 2.5 thru 10 dollar (Gene Henry pedigree)
  6. 2 Opium Trade dollars 1877 and 1877-s  These are nice, highly collectible and historic

OK! More buying tomorrow and Tuesday. Talk then!

Michael Greenwood (206) 931-4639

Enumclaw, WA

Casa Grande, AZ



Nov 18

Post Falls Coin Show: Day 1 Report


Greetings! Live from Post Falls Idaho where the Coeur d’Alene Coin Club held the Fall 2017 Coin Show at Templin’s Resort overlooking Post Falls. (the actual Post Falls vs. Post Falls, the town). Day 1 was notably slower, although, I actually had a chance to walk the floor, view some dealers cases full of coins, before the general public.

Several new purchases were made:

1906-S ANACS AU55 Barber dime

1921 Peace Dollar MS64+ CAC

1939-D Mercury Dime MS68FB

These are all amazing coins and I am glad to own them. Now you can own one too! The 1939-D P MS68FB is the 2nd I’ve owned. Both came from the roll of 50, in which 22 were MS69FB! One the Slover coin, could be the finest, (MS70?) Mercury dime known. I’ve seen it, and its UNREAL, almost fake looking its so nice. The central bands look like a small car could drive through them!!!

About 250 people walked through the doors on Day 1, local dealers tell me the action is Saturday, so here it is, Saturday! Lets hope for a crazy day of activity. Looking forward!

Call me to discuss any of these coins above -or other great coins we have in inventory. Michael (206) 931 4639

Nov 17

Nov 17 2017 Its my birthday!

Nov 17 2017

Greetings Original US Coin Bloggers! Yes, today is my birthday-and anyone who knows me, knows, this is an annual “have the most fun event day” EVER! No seriously, I enjoy my birthday-and maybe even more now that I share that day with my best friend in the whole world. Happy birthday Ginger!

I am travelling to Post Falls Idaho today for the annual Coeur d’Alene Coin Club coin show at Templin’s Resort.

I am not sure what to expect, but heck, its a coin show, so what a nice way to spend my birthday!

I have made some new purchases: Barber dimes, mercury dimes, Washington quarters, and a nice 1921 Peace Dollar. Let me tell you one series that deserves some love and attention. WASHINGTON QUARTERS!!

This series has been blasted by the market in the last 4 years. MANY dates are being sold, even in uncirculated condition, for not much more than silver melt-AND deservedly so! So what am I talking about as far as paying attention to Washington quarters????? Of the 230,000 PCGS Washington Quarters certified, about 175,000 are in grades MS 64-66, yet < less than 7,500 are graded 67 and higher!!!!

High grade, MS66-68 Washington quarters are WAY underpriced compared to the their scarcity and availability.

There are less than (<) 100 Washington quarters in PCGS MS68 (71 total) condition and in PCGS MS67, 6,729 have made the 67 grade. Still not a lot in MS67. BUT in MS67+, ONLY 811 made that grade. MY POINT here is that MS67 or higher (MS66 for some dates) Washington Quarters are scarce-and way under appreciated in todays slow coin market. THIS IS a PERFECT buy opportunity-so do it!  Want me to prove my point?

Try and find an MS68 PCGS Washington quarter on the market today? I found one, technically an MS68, maybe, but U-G-L-Y, and a terrible investment. BUT the few I have actually held in my hand are amazingly beautiful-and underpriced today. So are 67+ and many 67’s. Stick with PCGS as NGC is still an infant in the Washington Quarter grading business.

Here are a few pics of Washington Quarters I recently acquired:

1934 PCGS MS67




1940 PCGS MS67

1953-S PCGS MS67

Well there they are!  All choice and original, just the way we like em! Wish me luck today and if you say happy birthday to me unsolicited, I will give you 20% of my full retail pricing, which is likely break even or even at a loss! Happy birthday to me-and to Ginger and wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Michael  (206) 931-4639    originaluscoins@earthlink.net

Nov 13

Chandler One Day Coin Show report 11/12/17

Hello and Greetings this fine Monday morning from Sky Harbor Airport! Off to Seattle and then onto the Post Falls Idaho show Nov 17/18 in Post Falls! I am looking forward to the trip and it should be very good in ALL RESPECTS!

First a quick update on the one day show yesterday in Chandler, AZ. A 6 hour show and I was S-L-A-M-M-E-D!!!!! Best single day yet, especially considering it was really 4 1/2 hours! Gone are most of the Philippines coins left over from Gene Henry! So popular! Also gone is ALL of my silver rounds and 90% silver. The 1955 double die, the 1922 No “d” Lincoln and a sweet 1909-s I dug from the ground many years ago! Gone are several circulated barber dimes and halves and my load is lighter this morning because of it!

Buys included a choice ANACS AU55 1907-S barber dime, a tougher date in its own right. Also, secured a 1935 PCGS MS67+ CAC Washington Quarter which is an area I am stocking for…These high grade Washington’s are scarce (MS67+ or better) and the market has hammered these!

These are high grade, beautiful and quite scarce. Here is a brief description to give you and idea. Just remember this: There is ONE in MS68.

You can tell this SUPERB GEM sat some where out of human reach since the day it left the bank! Remarkable surfaces are the definition of flawless. The surfaces do have a thick and satiny like texture. A moderate luster is visible. Both sides have a thicker satiny coloration of pale reddish gold/light gold/pale violet original colors. Washington and all of the details are well struck. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 148, NGC 122, CAC 59. PCGS has graded only 18 coins MS67+ and there is just one MS68. The current Collectors Universe Value is $1,350.

You can buy this for $1200.00. Guaranteed to please and as always, your 110% satisfaction assured. Ok! That’s it for today! Happy hunting and maybe I will see you at the Post Falls Show! Wish me a happy birthday and take 15% off list price of ANY one coin purchase at the show. Cash sales only. Michael (206) 931-4639


Nov 06

Phoenix Coin Show Report 11/4-11/5 2017


Greetings and welcome to another glorious day at Original US Coins! I am up and atom this morning with lots to discuss, report out on and look forward too!


This was a two day show with about 35 dealers in attendance, both local and regional from as far away as Washington and Montana as well as local Arizona dealers too.

First, the accommodations. The Holiday Inn in Mesa was a very solid venue for holding a coin show. Modern, easy access, great parking and great off ramp freeway accessibility. This last attribute is important. I have been to MANY shows where just finding the place is like a “find Waldo” event and if collectors wanted to come in the first place, getting lost or running out of time is a LOSER!

Bob, TJ from the Phoenix Coin Club and almost every dealer there were so incredibly nice. I sat next to Mr. Richard Arnold. Long time dealer from Chandler, AZ and what an amazing man! Then on the other side was Danny Connor from Montana, another solid guy with a passion for the business. I am grateful for the experience to be sandwiched amongst such great people. 🙂

Collectors were both buying and selling this weekend. My sales were moderate, but solid as those purchases were made of some great collector coins. What was hot and SOLD? I sold 9 Morgan Dollars, 2 superb Barber quarters, 2 gold pieces, some modern “fun” coins and MANY odds and ends. My BUYS included 90% US and Canadian silver, 2 (yes) two solid original US twenty cent pieces (1876 PCGS XF45 CAC & a choice PCGS AU53 1875-CC) and 1837 PCGS Half Dime in MS62-and gorgeous)

I did appraise 2 “collections”. The first, a gentleman walked up to the table and presented an 1893-CC Morgan in about VF35-XF40 raw. The coin had some PVC details. After a long discussion, this collector had all the CC dates-and he disclosed that all the coins had some level of PVC issue. I offered to assist in preserving these coins outside of the show. I thought he may return Sunday, but he did not.

The second appraisal was a woman whose husband had passed away and had nearly 25 raw Morgan’s sell. The best date was an 1884-CC. Most were common and at one point were original and bright with solid luster and decent surfaces. Unfortunately, almost EVERY coin had some deep dark spotting from improper storage. Turns out these coins were stored in a suit case, likely in a master bedroom closet with “water” stains likely coming from a master bath. THATS NOT how we store coins.

3 dealers gave her a quote. Mine was the highest and she was to return Sunday-with the complete collection but I did NOT see her Sunday. She may come see me at one of the one day shows coming up in the next 30 days.

All in all, this show is good! I have already paid for my November, 2018 table at this bourse.

Today’s Tip: Store your coins in a cool dry area and check upon them AT LEAST monthly to evaluate their ongoing preserved condition. Just like a coin CLEANING (Which a novice should NEVER do). You can obliterate a coins value by improper long term storage.

OK! a busy day ahead. Happy hunting and remember you can always call me with a question, a coin buy or sell or just to catch up! Until the next time we chat, THE BEST! Michael (206) 931-4639   originaluscoins.com   originaluscoins@ earthlink.net  🙂

NEXT SHOW? Nov 17/18 in Post Falls Idaho! SEE YA THERE!


Nov 05

Phoenix Coin Show Report


Greetings to all on this early early Sunday morning-live from Arizona! My sister arrived in Casa Grande, Arizona yesterday to participate in the National Pickle ball Tournament. I tease my sister a lot, but she is an amazing woman and I am so glad she is in my life. Love ya sis!  🙂

I attended the 2 day show which started yesterday in Mesa, Arizona. The Phoenix Coin Club puts this show on this show 2x a year, and this was my first attendance. I was not disappointed, as a steady flow of both buyers and sellers were in attendance. First, even before the show even started, I bought 4 original WW II “buy bonds” posters from an old time dealer. Twenty dollars. All in excellent of at least decent shape. I plan to frame these up and put them in my office. Fun.

Here are my new acquisitions:

1943-s PCGS MS66 mercs dime with very clean fields and some great golden brown toning. Also bought some misc. silver coins both Canadian and US. No big rarities in the lot. A 1949-s Roosevelt dime. MS66, with the obverse toned and the reverse bright, likely an end piece in a roll. A 1939-D PCGS MS66 Washington Quarter. I am VERY bullish on high grade Washington’s before 1940. They have been slashed the last 5 years-and while later dates are available, these high grade (66 and up) are still scarce, beautiful and a bargain in today’s market. A 1995 DDO Lincoln penny in ANACS MS66 RED, Very nice.

I have two potential buys on the table: 1 complete set of Morgan Dollars (CC’s) as an 1893-CC walked up to the table. Apparently, an heir has inherited the set, which according to the 93-CC I looked at, have some PVC issues. The whole set (including the 89-CC) will be in today for me to evaluate. We shall see.  Another woman whose husband passed away brought in about 25 UNC silver dollars, no rarities, but over half the coins had been stored improperly, with some deep russet, black and blue toning spots. Not sure those can be conserved, but maybe. She is bringing in the entire collection, and my hope is that those other coins are not environmentally compromised. How a person stores their coins is REALLY IMPORTANT!

I have 3 twenty cent pieces, an 1875, an 1876 and an 1875-CC available to me today. I will see what kind of a deal I can strike. I get asked a lot about double dimes, so having some nice, original inventory of these could be great. Also in the lot is an 1837 half dime in MS62 PCGS and original.

Also I committed to the following two coins: 1875-CC Trade Dollar in PCGS AU53. Choice original. Here are the pics:

An 1893-P PCGS MS62 Barber Quarter. Superb original and quite scarce as such. Try and find one this ORIGINAL:

These early Barber quarters in choice original never messed with condition are so so hard to find! Here is one!

Also in hand are two new Merc dimes: These are color coins and the 1939-s is maybe the most glorious color dime I have ever owned:

These are both PCGS MS67+ and the 1938-P is FB, while the 1939-P is 60% full bands. OK! I am off to the 2nd day of the show. I will give a full report tonight or tomorrow morning! Have fun! and if your in Mesa/Phoenix this morning, stop on by! Holiday Inn off Country Club avenue.

-Michael (206) 931-4639

Oct 27

Color-Coins and the Phoenix Show Nov 4/5


Greetings to all of you and welcome to another daily blog from Original US Coins! I will be brief this morning as the schedule is TIGHT, with a capital T!

Next weekend, the Phoenix Coin Show will be held at the Mesa, AZ Holiday Inn Express on Saturday Nov 4/5. PLEASE stop by and see me if you would like to meet in person, talk coins, metal detecting or what have you! I will have an amazing selection of great coins to display-AND THE BEST part? They are all for sale! 🙂

I typically have a select offering, NEVER any common junk, with the exception of some loose, 90% silver US coins and a few misc. odds and ends, but 95% of what I carry ARE SOLID RARE coin offerings. You wont be disappointed.

Here are two new examples for your consideration. First let me say, I did put together the 2nd finest set of Mercury Dimes ever (remember, I DONT DO REGISTRY) and the following 2 dimes would have fit in nicely, although my set was all Full Bands and as you will see below, one of these 2 is a just miss FB designation. But, its an amazing color coin.

Here is the first one:

1938-P PCGS MS 67+ FB CAC

1939 PCGS MS67+ Screaming color!

Now I hear a lot of people talk about grey sheet, common coins and the like. Lets be clear, these ARE NOT common when it comes to this kind of surface preservation or quality. These are amazing! I hope you thoroughly enjoy them. I will have both of these pieces at upcoming shows (unless you call me and buy them first!)

The 1938 is priced at $975.00 (firm) and the 1939, which is the finest I have EVER seen, is priced at $1400.00 (firm). I know its a lot, but try and find another? You wont. Call me anytime! (206) 931-4639 or email me at originaluscoins@earthlink.net

Well that’s a wrap! Enjoy the day and happy coin hunting! Michael


Oct 26

Turn up the coin market heat!


Hello Fellow Collectors! Its another glorious day in the land of the sun! Yes, I am currently travelling to Casa Grande Arizona-and this time of year

in Arizona is stupendous. Highs in the low 90’s, clear skies and NO RAIN! Gotta love it. In recent weeks, MORE solid, original coins have been flying off the “shelf”, so to speak. Here is a brief listing of recently sold coins:

1952 Mint Set in original wrapper

1882-CC Dollar GSA (MS63)

1883-CC Dollar GSA (MS63)


1915 Barber Quarter in AU55 NGC

1885-CC Dollar NGC MS64 (so nice)

1899-0 Dollar in MS63

Partially complete Barber dime set

1913 Barber Dime AU55 PCGS CAC

1892 Barber Quarter AU55 PCGS

1917-P Waling Liberty Half Dollar (MS64) soft golden toning

1921-d mercury dime XF40 (choice!)

1916-s AU dime

AND many many more! One thing is for certain, collectors have woken up to the fact that coins are NOT rare, but choice, original coins from select series ARE RARE!

DO NOT hesitate to get in on the fun-and rewards of pursuing great coins while prices are almost as low as they have been in YEARS.

Here is a list of recent purchases:

1894-s Dollar PCGS MS63

1916-D Mercury Dime AG03 (the key and so, so original)

1882-CC Dollar GSA

1883-CC Dollar GSA

1940-P Washington Quarter MS67+ PCGS CAC (soft, bluish, satin luster)

1947-s Roosevelt dime PCGS MS67+ (Bull’s-eye Toning)

And many more!

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